A couple of years back we realized how different the circumstances and challenges that drive local residents to Bluffton Self Help for emergency aid. We decided that it would be helpful to our community supporters to know more about the realities of what occurs here on an “almost” daily basis. It made sense that we share (while protecting names) some of the circumstances clients face, and the resulting experiences they have with Bluffton Self Help.

It seemed like a great way to connect the larger community to these neighbors in need. The Stories of Hope were born. Our friends at the Island Packet agreed that these were important stories to tell, and they began supporting this outreach by publishing the stories in their holiday “giving” series. We are very appreciative of their support. All of these stories are true, but to protect our client’s privacy, their names have been changed.

Wells Fargo Supports Workshops to Help Move People Out of Poverty

Hilton Head Hospital Collects Cereal for Those Facing Poverty and Hunger

Thank You Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund

Thank you SunTrust!

Friends of Callawassie Island Donation Helps Support Clothing for Those In Need

Calhoun Station…Thank You

Recipients of the Berkeley Hall 2015 Grants….Great Organizations, Great Gift to all of us!

Thank you Bargain Box

The Joy of Giving

Thank you Beaufort County Human Services