Host a Drive or Event!

From diapers to dental floss, for babies to boomers... your DRIVES make a huge difference at BSH!

We encourage everyone in our community to get involved in Bluffton Self Help is some way. Conducting a DRIVE or EVENT for BSH is a great way to help neighbors in need, and is rewarding and fun.

This year, we will distribute more than 50 tons of food to the hungry in Bluffton and the immediate surrounding area. That amount will provide approximately 2500 meals for our neighbors in need! Thank you for keeping our pantry stocked as our needs continue to grow.

How to organize a Drive or Event:

Hosting a BSH Drive or Event is great fun!  The possibilities are virtually unlimited! You may wonder, what is the difference between a Drive and an Event?

Drives: We think of our Drives as “item-collection opportunities”. These are all of the ways people collect food-related or clothing-related items and bring them to Bluffton Self Help. Drives are a type of event, and so popular at Bluffton Self Help that they have their own Application process!

We are all most familiar with canned-food drives, and they are always needed and appreciated. But you or your group can also consider hosting any of the following:

  • Health Food Drive
  • Paper Products Drive
  • Food Fund Drive
  • Diaper Drive
  • Baby Food Drive
  • Baby Clothing Drive

Events: Typically, events are fundraising opportunities that bring awareness to our need to help the working poor.  They are hosted by individuals or community partners who want to raise awareness and/or money for Bluffton Self Help through a special event or fundraiser. These activities are often on a larger scale than our Drives, and require more planning and lead time. When we think of drives, we think of committee involvement!

There have been many successful events created to raise money and support  Bluffton Self Help, including the following:

  • Palmetto Bluff Style Home Tour
  • David Weekley Annual Tiger Bass Tournament
  • Sevens for Hope Plantation Golf Competition
  • Berkeley Hall Gala and Silent Auction
  • Speaker-related  luncheons and dinners
  • Bluffton Self Help Annual Chili Cookoff

These are just a few, yet the opportunities are unlimited, and our need is great.  Here’s how we can get you started:

Step One: Knowing who you are and what you want to accomplish comes first,  and completing the simple online form for your Drive or Event will get the process rolling.   Click here to view and complete the ONLINE DRIVE APPLICATION.  If you are interested in hosting an event for BSH, click here to view and complete our ONLINE EVENT ORGANIZER.

At this point in the process, there is no expectation or obligation whatsoever of a confirmed drive or event. You are simply providing us with helpful information in order to get the conversation going!

Step Two:  Now that you’ve taken the first step and completed one of the two forms, it’s time to email us to let us know that you have completed an online application. We’ll be lookout for your completed form in our inbox!

Step Three:  We will contact you within the next day or so to answer any of your questions, talk over your ideas and plans,  and discuss roposed dates and logistics .  If you are not contacted within 48 hours, please let us know! Call Lili at (843) 706-9854 or email her.

Here are some Additional Tips for Making  Your Drive or Event a Success!

  • If you have not done so, start with a tour of Bluffton Self Help. Call Lili to request a tour of our facility. Find out more about hunger and how BSH is providing a solution to end hunger. Seeing the facility firsthand will help you in your Drive preparations.
  • Develop a Collection System in your group, church, organization or business. Sturdy boxes or bins work well. Place in well-traveled areas, entrances, exits and break rooms. Consider decorating the boxes to capture the interest of the passerby. Please email us to request our free labeling templates. Include all collection areas in your publicity information. The Foodbank has labels with its logo available.
  • Organize Cash Donations. People who want to contribute may forget to bring canned goods. Accepting cash donations is a way for everyone to be involved in your event. Appoint a specific individual to handle the collection of funds. When turning funds into BSH, please identify those donations which require receipts or acknowledgement.
  • Publicize the results of your Drive as it progresses, and copy us on your stories! For example, “The Human Resources Department seems to be leading the way. They’ve filled five boxes and have 100% participation.” We seek to include your stories and updates in our marketing updates!
  • Getting your donation to BSH. At the end of your Drive your items may be dropped off at Bluffton Self Help,  Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please call to let us know when you are coming. Lunch appointments for drop off can be arranged in advance. Please note: BSH observes all Federal Holidays. If you have any questions call Lili at (843) 757-8000 or email her.